Today Facebook was a flutter with friends making pies, friends making yams, friends saying “Thanks, you are awesome,” and some friends just happy with the giant shiny orb that situated itself in the sky despite the dour wheather forecast for this Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend.

Myself, I have a few extra things to be thankful for this year, (alongside my friends and family near and dear, not so near but just as dear, our health and the incredible good fortune of being able to call Salt Spring Island my ‘home’).  This Thanksgiving I am also thankful for a successful first summer season at Twang & Pearl, for each and every person who came through our door offering their own thanks and encouragement, and for our incredible staff (Bonnie, Heather, Amy, Miles and our newest team member Lynda) for being so supportive.

I’m also thankful for Michele Macdonald, our graphic design guru who is responsible for our beautiful wood block print inspired logo and who makes all my vague creative  visions come to life with such beauty and patience.  Also for Caprina of Caprina Designs for making such a skookam website for us.  Cudos!  And this our first blog post, I’m thankful for that too.

In otherwords, as my three beautiful nieces (whom I’m very much thankful for) sing before each meal: “Blessings on the blossom, blessings on the fruit, blessings on the leaf and stem, and blessings on the root.”