Ode to Twangers

Dear Twangers near and far,

An ode to our fab staff … this is who we are:

Sweet Amy, warm hearted and the ‘baby’ in our family, she comes by her organizational wizardry honestly.

Beautiful bonny Bonnie, who wears our clothes so well, she’s been with us the longest and we sure think she’s swell.

Lovely Lynda, our newest addition, is sure to make you smile, for many reasons, the least of which is her great sense of style.

Heather, aka Foxy, so full of heart, in our store and elsewhere her creative talents really set her apart.

Miles, who wears a scarf just so, with a cheerfulness so catchy, and our resident stylist too, don’t you know?

Lastly, it’s me, Jana, the woman who could not have made Twang & Pearl the sweet spot on Salt Spring Island that it is without the love and attention from the most dedicated Twangers: our staff.  Come on in, no doubt one of them is sure to make you laugh!

Twang & Pearl Styles! With Miles.

Honestly, some weeks we get as many compliments about our resident style guru Miles as we do about the store.  If you’ve met him you know why.  He’s got a brilliant smile, a daring high kick, a knack for draping a scarf just so around his neck AND he seriously knows how to dress women.  In fact he’s been professionally doing just that for more than two decades in the television and commercial industry.  He can look at any blouse, any pant, any coat, any skirt, any dress and know what body shapes it will look best on.  He’s regularly in the store on our busy Salt Spring Island Saturdays and those of you who have benefited from his talents know that when Miles finds you that perfect outfit, you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face and a swing in your step.

You’ll all be happy to know that this summer we’re offering up Miles’ considerable talents for one-on-one style consultations by appointment at Twang & Pearl.  Whether you need a whole wardrobe makeover, a lesson in what not to wear, or the perfect outfit for a special occasion, Miles is your man.  Not only that, but because we want you leaving our boutique looking and feeling your very best, we’re offering him up for free.  I suggest you take us up on it.

Drop on in to the purple house on Hereford Avenue, call us, email us, Tweet us or Facebook us to set up your complimentary appointment today.

Photo taken by Billie Woods, on location for our Spring Fashion shoot on Salt Spring Island.


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