Dear Twangers near and far,

An ode to our fab staff … this is who we are:

Sweet Amy, warm hearted and the ‘baby’ in our family, she comes by her organizational wizardry honestly.

Beautiful bonny Bonnie, who wears our clothes so well, she’s been with us the longest and we sure think she’s swell.

Lovely Lynda, our newest addition, is sure to make you smile, for many reasons, the least of which is her great sense of style.

Heather, aka Foxy, so full of heart, in our store and elsewhere her creative talents really set her apart.

Miles, who wears a scarf just so, with a cheerfulness so catchy, and our resident stylist too, don’t you know?

Lastly, it’s me, Jana, the woman who could not have made Twang & Pearl the sweet spot on Salt Spring Island that it is without the love and attention from the most dedicated Twangers: our staff. ┬áCome on in, no doubt one of them is sure to make you laugh!