The topic of feeling beautiful has been on mind during my past year & a bit of working here at Twang & Pearl.  Everyday in the store I am surrounded by beautiful things & more importantly beautiful people!  I find that I am constantly shocked by the attitude’s that people have towards their bodies & then wowed by the confidence that others exude.   Personally, I fall on the scale somewhere in the middle; some self confidence mixed with inner critic.  One of my favourite moments in the shop  is when someone steps out of the change room & completely owns it!!

In celebration of loving out bodies & being being able to strut our stuff no matter what, I wanted to create a top 7 list of “how to feel beautiful”:

1.  SUNSHINE:  so easy in the right season and seemingly more difficult in the winter months….but the sun is still behind the clouds so just being outdoors seems to do the trick!


2. GREAT UNDER WEAR: it can be your own little secret through the day to be sporting a great pair of undies that are comfy & sexy!  I love the bia boro’s!


3. EXERCISE:  although tough at the start of any work out regime – stick with it and 100% guarantee that regular exercise will boost your self confidence & happiness levels.


4. PERFECT FITTING JEANS:  if you have been shopping in Twang you already know our love of Yoga Jeans!  They are great when they fit properly but are also so comfortable & look great on bums.  If it is not your perfect jean, then get out there and explore for it, invest in it & love your jeans……I also love some Guess jeans for their booty lusciousness!

yoga jeans

5. MUSIC: listening to the music that inspires your mood is a key element to feeling beautiful.   If it’s cranking the tunes & dancing around in the house in your great under wear or singing your heart out to your best love songs, it makes for some great feeling moments in life.  This topic is so important to my life and I love noticing people grooving along to out tunes in the shop!


6. THE BEACH:  I don’t think I’ve met a single person who is not fond off the beach.  I love the beach.  It is so many things that are good for our spirits!  Sitting in nature, having camp fires, swimming, watching wild life, hearing birds and more…..most of all it seems to be an easy way to live in the present moment.


7. MASSAGE:  we need to be touched!  Massage by your children, your partner, a friend or a pro – doesn’t matter – just get it done – and on a regular basis!  It is so good for our bodies & spirits which makes us feel beautiful.



Go & be happy!