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A new to us line at Twang & Pearl: Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress are “lovers of the written word,” who create with you in mind. You know who you are: the ardent pen pals, list-writers, note-leavers, sketchers of artwork and ideas, good spellers, and legible hand-writers of the world.

It is always a treat to find a card that says it with absolute perfection but also leaves space to add a little creativity and love of one’s own. Send out some love through the post!  I know my friends & family LOVE receiving cards in the mail.  Perhaps it is not a lost art after all?



We have got your back when it comes to sweet Valentine gifts!  Inside these purple walls you will find a great assortment of hearts in many forms, Bia Boro Bamboo undies for him & her, plus tonnes of other creative ideas to help put the romance back into your Valentine’s Day.  We also have a really sweet collection of Valentine cards.


absolute kindness


The other day in our sweet little purple shop, a lovely customer surprised me with an act of absolute kindness.  I am still basking in the glow of her generosity.  I do not know her name but I wanted to share the love & gratitude that I feel!

She was trying on one of my personal favourite pieces of jewellery; I thought it would look fabulous on her.  She ducted into the change room to check it out & was not 100% certain that it was her style.  Upon checking out, she decided to purchase the piece.  When our transaction was all complete; items wrapped in tissue, jewels tucked into handmade little bags & financial exchanges finished, she turned, grabbed the bag with the jewels and handed it to me.  A gift.

I was shocked to the point of not knowing what to say, and if you know me, you know this is a big deal!!!

This was a such an act of total sweetness and in the aftermath my heart is warmed & I feel really special.  I would love to thank her deeply for the kind gift.  It also serves to remind me how generosity can touch the hearts of others.  I am excited for the moment when I get to share her gift by treating someone in the same way.

Thank you.  Kindness.

PS:  the photo shows this most sparkly awesome head piece with the happy receiver.

Holiday Soiree & Fa-la-la Fashion Show ~ Invite


Naughty or Nice Wish List

Have you behaved yourself this year?  Whether you have been naughty or nice, we have a wish list available in store for you to fill in.


Why not make it easy for the ones you love?  We invite you to come in & take a gander and make your perfect Twang & Pearl Holiday Wish List!

warm & cozy



These warm & cozy slippers are one of our favourite items to have during the winter months.  There are lots of great reasons to add these to your Christmas wish list!  Padriag Cottage slippers are handmade in North Vancouver, Canada using pure wool, sheepskin & leather.  Their website says that they have heard rumours of people oversizing their rubber boots so that they can wear their beloved slippers all day!

Here’s their story:  ”Helen made her first pair of slippers for her young son in the winter of 1977, they had a hand cut sheepskin sole and a crocheted upper made with hand spun raw wool, in a few years they would become known as the Original Padraig Slipper. Since Helen started selling her wears at local craft markets, the slipper line and the company have grown and evolved.  Though our company has expanded, employing more than thirty local artisans and support staff, we are still independently owned and operated and our premises remain in North Vancouver, ensuring product quality and support of the local community. The slippers too remain largely the same; they are still hand crocheted and hand dyed in small lots, insuring each pair is one of a kind.”

Their tagline reads, Return Home. A cozy warm message indeed, and one befitting of the best slippers ever!

Your feet will thank you for purchasing a pair.  Your loved ones’ feet will also thank you :)

frosty mornings


Moonlight Madness Sales Event – October 18th


fall favorites

Fall 2013 is both looking good & feeling comfortable.  The time to get cozy has arrived with autumn equinox.  Evening air is chilly & darkness falls earlier & earlier.   In celebration of this time we have picked out a few of our fav pieces to share.

What could be more cozy than cashmere for fall?  Tana + Bee got it right with their cashmere collection for this season.  Pictured above is the colour block Cashmere/Wool sweater dress.  It feels nice & looks lovely on.  Pair it with some French made angora/cotton dot tights that boast about warmth & softness.   Add a “Peacock” coloured Lauren wallet by Hobo and voila – you have a great look!

A few little extra’s are always nice; after all, this is what we are about  in our fun little shop!  Gorgeous fall paisley dish towels from April Cornell, lovely milk perfumed vegetable soap by Lothantique, fabric thumbtacks by Girl of all Work & some fancy Gypsy Junkie hair ties.

Happy fall!


yoga jean giveaway

A Yoga Jean contest so great that we just had to share it with you!

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