Twang & Pearl Salt Spring Island

As a little girl, I never did quite believe in the Easter Bunny.

The Tooth Fairy made sense somehow, especially as I was told my baby teeth would be used to build their little fairy houses (also incentive to keep my teeth clean by the by). Santa Claus also had a measure of magic realness, since folklore told me Santa Claus began as Kris Kringle distributing toys at night to children in a dark land where toys were outlawed. But a huge basket-toting bunny hopping around on two bunny feet instead of four hiding coloured eggs just didn’t seem plausible even in the realm of magic. I mean what useful or altruistic purpose could the Easter Bunny possibly serve? Not to mention, I’ve never really had any fondness for ‘pastels’.

So for me the Easter Bunny has always been more about a herald to Spring in all its bunny cuteness and daffodil glory. If you’re looking for some gift giving alternatives to chocolate for Easter, we have some irresistible bunny cuteness in store. Handmade in Thailand with love by a husband and wife team that we’ve come to genuinely like a lot over the six years we’ve been purchasing their critters, these bunnies will steal your heart.

Hop on down to Ganges town for your own dose of bunny love.